What We're Reading In August 2017

Family Read Aloud:

We will finish up, Boyhood and Beyond, that we started last month. We will also be reading, Lincoln - A Photobiography, written by: Russell Freedman and The Lincoln Memorial, written by: Mary Firestone. Both of these books go along with our Civics lessons for the month.


What I'm Reading:

I will be continuing my Bible study, Lazarus Awakening, that I started in July. I will also be enjoying, You Can Do This by: Tricia Lott Williford. I was given this book for a review and I can't wait to begin reading it. "It's time to agree with God about who he says you are.." The author, Tricia, shares stories and strategies to help inspire woman to develop the confidence to stand firm in the face of the blows, losses and disappointments in life. 

Aidan (11 years old):

For August.. we went with Aidan's book choice. He will be reading, The Bronze Bow, written by: Elizabeth George Speare. This summer we were looking for new books to add to his school list and he came across this one. The Bronze Bow is about a boy named Daniel. He witnesses his father's crucifixion by Roman soldiers. Daniel yearns for vengeance..... In a nearby Capernaum, Jesus of Nazareth is teaching a different lesson. How will Daniel's story unfold....   

Noah (10 years old):

This month is Noah's book choice! He will be reading, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Double Down and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever... he's been wanting to read these two books to be caught up with the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid collection. 

What will you be reading this month? 

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