What We're Reading In July 2017

Back To Homeschool! 

Our school year runs from July - April (4 days a week), with breaks here and there. We like finishing up in April then going on a special family vacation. Traveling during "off-season" is the best... short lines, less traffic and good prices! 

Now that we are back to school the boys will be reading books from their book list. We will be enjoying many wonderful read alouds this year and I have picked a nice line-up of books for myself as well. I can't wait to dig in! 

Family Read Aloud:

Boyhood and Beyond - We are excited to share this book with our sons. My husband will be reading it to them during the evenings. The book is about boys who are working toward becoming men of honor, courage and faith. Most importantly it encourages boys to become the men God wants them to be. I also love that the author, Bob Schultz, only uses KJV for his examples.  

What I'm Reading:

I love reading! One of my guilty pleasures is a hot cup of coffee and a good read. This month I will be finishing a book I started in June, Knights In Training. My boys and I have been working our way through Heather Haupt's book, they are learning to become modern day Knights!  

I will also be reading, The Lifegiving Home, written by: Sally and Sarah Clarkson. I have actually read this book before but I feel it's time for a "reread". The book is so encouraging and it helps to remind you that home was designed to be for families.  "How to make home your family’s favorite place to be . . . all year long."  

New books I will be reading are, Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World, written by: Kristen Welch (How one family learned that saying NO can lead to life's biggest YES). It's never too late to raise grateful kids! I am also starting a new Bible study, Lazarus Awakening, created by: Joanna Weaver. I am excited to dive into this one. This is an 8 session study guide, along with a dvd curriculum filmed on location in the Holy Land. "Do you feel trapped in a tomb of regret, doubt or fear? Are you tripped up by patterns and behaviors you need to leave behind? Just as Jesus called Lazarus from darkness, He is calling you..." 


Aidan (11 years old):

He will be reading, The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg. Rodman Philbrock's 2010 Newbery Honor Book is about a 12 year old boy, Homer P. Figg, who runs away from his mean uncle to find his brother, Harold, who has been sold into the Union Army. Homer gets himself into all types of crazy situations.. but he never gives up! 


Noah (10 years old):

He will be reading, Pignapped - From Factory Farm to Family Farm, Fun-Schooling Storybook and Workbook. It's a story of a pig that moves from a factory farm to a family farm and it's written by a fifth generation farmer. He loves learning about farming and he loves animals... this book is perfect for him! 


Now for another great year!

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