Ark Encounter Review

"Wow!" That was everyone's expression as that Ark came into sight on our bus ride. You could hear all of the visitors on the bus express their amazement and hear the chatter of how they could not wait to experience the Ark Encounter

Our family was given the opportunity to visit the Ark Encounter and what a "bigger than life adventure" we had! The Ark Encounter is a biblical theme park that opened in 2016. It is located in Williamstown, Kentucky and was built to bring the story of Noah's Ark to life. 

The Ark Encounter is three exhibits in one. The Ark itself is a massive creation... you truly can't tell how big this place really is until you arrive there and see it for yourself. After you purchase your tickets you will be taken on a short bus ride up the Ark. You will then enter your adventure..... and it will take your breath away! Inside the Ark you will see how life was for Noah, his family and the animals. You start out on level one... seeing how some of the animals were kept, how food was stored and a glimpse into the creation. I can't express enough how HUGE the ark is! 

On level 2 and 3 you learn more about how Noah and his family lived on the ark. You also visit many exhibits that tell about the Biblical story and more! There are also a few real animals you can pet along your journey. (NOTE: There are places to stop and get a drink and snack as you walk.. and elevators available if needed.)  

The door to Noah's Ark is massive and a great place for family photos. I never imagined how big the Ark truly was until I visited the Ark Encounter.

Be sure to visit the gift shop after you walk through the Ark. There are many great gifts that everyone would enjoy.. and it's just cute the way it's set up with animals and decorations to see as you shop. 

Our family ate at Emzara's Kitchen that is located next to the Ark. You can relax at the bow of the Ark and enjoy a buffet menu. Even the restaurant is beautiful inside and out and the pricing is more than reasonable for a family lunch. 

We also visited the Ararat Ridge Zoo with exotic animals from all over the world. There are Tibetan yaks, kangaroos and much more. The employees at the petting zoo are friendly and your children will love petting the animals or enjoying a camel or donkey ride. 

The Ark Encounter offers the Screaming Eagle Zip Lines and Aerial Adventure. You can soar down thousands of feet reaching speeds up to 50 mph. You can purchase tickets at the guest service building. 

The Ark Encounter has so much to offer and you will spend hours having a great family adventure! We cannot wait to visit again and again. Be sure to also visit the Creation Museum while in Kentucky. You can see our review about it HERE

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