Wheels Of Yesteryear - Review

Last week we traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC. While there we were given the opportunity to visit Wheels Of Yesteryear - Muscle At The Beach. Wheels Of Yesteryear opened in 2009 and has been visited by people all over the US. The cars showcased there belong to Paul and Carol Cummings, he is a life long car enthusiast and is generous in offering his private collection for all to see.

Wheels Of Yesteryear showcases a collection of many unique, classic vehicles. According to their website this collection has been 45 years in the making. My husband, Shannon and our two sons (Aidan - 11 years old and Noah - 9 years old) are both obsessed with classic cars and trucks... so this place was a grand adventure for them! As a homeschool Mom I'm always looking for fun ways to bring learning into our everyday lives... Wheels Of Yesteryear does just that. Our boys were walking through the museum reading the signs for each car. Expressing their interest in what they saw and learning more and more about the history of these vehicles. It was truly a fun educational experience! 

This museum was beautifully laid out. It was a nice location and the cars were sparkling clean.. plus it was great to walk around and see all the old memorabilia on display. The employees were friendly.. you were greeted with a smile and they were truly interested in telling you about the vehicles and wanting you to enjoy your visit. You felt like family when you walked through the door. 

Another great thing about Wheels Of Yesteryear is each January they close for two weeks to rotate and change some of their inventory. The Cummings own over 100 vintage automobiles and the museum showcases over 50 at a time. So there is always something new to see! 

My pictures don't do justice of how beautiful these vehicles truly are. This museum was a special place to visit and the next time we are in Myrtle Beach we will be visiting again! This is a must see location... if you are a car lover or even if you aren't... Wheels Of Yesteryear is a place that can be loved and enjoyed by all! 


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