Still Waiting - Book Review

Book Description: 

What if God wants you to wait?
Most of us what it’s like to wait for God to change our circumstances. But, whether we’re waiting for physical healing, emotional breakthrough, or better relationships, waiting is something we usually try to avoid. Why? Because waiting is painful and hard. The truth is, it’s also inevitable.

In Still Waiting, Ann Swindell explores the depths of why God wants us to wait by chronicling her own compelling story of waiting for healing from an incurable condition. She offers a vibrant retelling of the biblical account of the Bleeding Woman that parallels her story―and yours, too.

Let Ann help you see the promise that is hidden in the ache of waiting and the hope of what God can―and will―do as you wait on him.

My Review:

Ann Swindell tells us about her years of waiting. This is an interesting book on waiting and faith. There are times in our lives when God puts us in a state of waiting and we must have faith and patience for his answers in our times of need. 

I love Ann's honesty in her book... she speaks to us about wanting to trust God in our times of need and struggling to understand when he doesn't show up and we think he should. This is a great read for anyone struggling with heartache or pain and looking for encouragement in their time of need. 


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