What We're Reading During School Break - 2017

I thought it would be fun to share with everyone what we will be reading during our "summer" break. We will actually start back to homeschool in July but for now we are on a nice LONG break! We like to keep our minds fresh during the time we are out of school, therefore, we still require reading (and a little math). The only difference is it doesn't matter what the boys read. It can be a small picture book or a 400 page book (we don't worry about reading levels during school break). They choose... it's completely up to them. Below is a list of our read alouds, the books I'm reading and what the boys chose to read. Please enjoy! 

Read Aloud - Read together as a Family :

Know Who You Are, Live Like It Matters - We received this book for a review and it has been a great blessing to our family. We have only read a few lessons so far and we are looking forward to seeing what all it has to offer. I love books that help build character in our boys and shows them God is what matters not the world. 1 John 2:15 - Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

What I'm Reading:

I'm one of those readers who can't just chose one book and it stick with it.... I read MANY at the same time. It may sound silly but for me it works best. I have enjoyed reading the books listed below. My favorite so far is different by: Sally & Nathan Clarkson. I have read six of her books so far and I loved each of them. I can't wait to read more, she is such an inspiration. 

I'm also reading Educating The Wholehearted Child (written by Clay and Sally Clarkson). I've actually read this book before and highlighted many helpful tips. I just thought it would be nice to reread it... helps to get me in the "homeschool spirit". 

I've been enjoying Betty Thompson's book: Love Unending and Sarah Mae's, Having A Martha Home the Mary Way. These two books are presented to be read daily (similar to a devotional). Both have been helpful and eye opening.  

Last, but not least... I am reading The Shack, by: William Paul Young. I wasn't sure if I truly wanted to read this book. I have heard so many conflicting reviews about it, however, I decided to dive in and decide for myself. So far it's been interesting and sad, there have been a few things I haven't agreed with in the book.. we'll see what I think when I'm finished. 

Aidan (11 years old):

Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2 -  What boy doesn't like Marvel? Mine sure do! Aidan chose this book (not letting us watch the movie until he finishes, ha!) and he is also reading - Batman's Guide To Being Cool. I am happy he picked books like these. Each year I sit down with the boys and let them help chose books for the upcoming school year. Aidan has always chosen historical fiction. This was a nice change of pace for him.  

Noah (9 years old):

Our youngest son Noah LOVES to read! He must take that after his Mommy! He chose to re-read one of his favorite book, Tucker's Countyside; he is also going to enjoy Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Double Down and Dogman. He informed us that when he finishes he wants to start on this school book list. I'm sure that won't take long. 

That's what we will be reading during our break... along with swimming, vacations, playing with friends and family and much more! 

How about you? What will you be reading?  

Know Who You Are, Live Like It Matters - Book Review

Book Description:

The World Does Not Define You!
Nobody said your life would be easy. And the older you get, the more difficult it seems to become. Deep down you may know your value as a person isn’t defined by wearing cool name-brand clothes, scoring points for a sports team, or even by having a huge number of social media followers. And you’re right! Your identity resides in something—in fact, Someone—much greater than anything this world can offer:
The only identity worth having…is found in Jesus Christ!

American sports icon, Tim Tebow knows firsthand what it's like to face pressure head-on. In Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters, he shares the wisdom he’s learned—not from what the world says, but from what God says in His Word.
Tim will guide you through thirty-six weeks of lessons, each based on a key Scripture, to discover who you are—by learning more about whose you are! You will also have the opportunity to write down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas on topics such as:
* Building godly character 
* Maintaining great relationships 
* Standing out from the crowd 
* Doing things that matter in the big picture

Get ready to live bigger than ever before…with your faith and identity secured in a God who loves you beyond measure!

My Review:

A book themed for homeschoolers... and written by a homeschooler! We have been homeschooling for six years now so I was thrilled when offered Tim Tebow's book for review. "A Homeschooler's Interactive Guide To Discovering Your True Identity." 

I decided to use this book as a read aloud with my two sons (ages 11 and 10). We are still in the process of reading it but so far we have read about building Godly character, standing out from the crowd and so much more. 

Know Who You Are is a wonderful read and I highly recommend it for all homeschoolers! This has been a great book to help encourage our boys to live for God and follow their own path. Thank you Tim Tebow we needed this book! 

A Day At The Beach - Book Review

Book Description:

Do you yearn for a day at the beach where your mind and soul can wander away from life’s troubles? Do you gaze up at the sun or the nighttime stars and wonder if God is really on your side? Do you long to hear his quiet voice in the roll of a gentle wave? In A Day at the Beach, brothers Todd and Jedd Hafer don’t have the answers to all of life’s troubles, but they’ll help you see that the God who built the universe also wants to help you build a great life. Let these encouraging words bring a ray of warm sunshine to your doorstep as Todd and Jedd offer their joy-filled perspectives on life and faith. So take a deep breath, unplug from life’s daily grind, and follow the call of your heart to Jesus, the ultimate source of life.

Book Review:

A Day at the Beach is a great devotional to help you relax, reflect and renew! A Day at the Beach is focused not only for adults but also for young teens. It's geared for those of many ages. This is a great book to start your day out with a devotional (beach theme), to help you with what life has to offer. This book is a great way to unwind even when you can't get to the beach. 

Some of the topics included are: Beach-Hot or Not?, Counting The Grains Of Sand, Ocean Baptism, The Daily Grind and many more! I also love how each devotional ends with a bible scripture. 

"Todd and Jedd Hafer are two beach-loving brothers on a mission to help you see just how much God loves you." Their book has been a blessing to me and I'm happy to purchase more to share with those around me. This will be a sweet little gift book!  

don't settle for safe - Book Review

Book Description:

Popular speaker and author Sarah Jakes Roberts shows women they are not disqualified by their pain and failures and offers encouragement and strength to believe God’s best is still possible.
Everyone has experiences in their lives that stop them in their tracks and become burdens they carry with them everywhere they go. No one knows this better than Sarah Jakes Roberts. Pregnant at fourteen, married by nineteen, divorced by twenty-two, and all while under the intense spotlight of being Bishop T.D. Jakes’s daughter, Sarah knows what it is to feel buried by failure and aching pain.
But when her journey brought her to faith’s fork in the road, Sarah found she had to choose between staying in the comfort of the pain she knew or daring to make new wounds and move forward. Now Sarah shares the numerous life lessons she’s learned along the way with other women also struggling to believe they’re not disqualified by their pain and past mistakes. She delves into topics such as allowing the past to empower the present, choosing to step forward while still being afraid, facing struggles surrounded by community, finding intimacy with God outside preconceived notions of what it has to look like, and learning to focus on others. With deeply personal stories of her own, Sarah helps readers find their way to the right perspective and the confidence to walk toward the best God has for them.

My Review:

This is a wonderful read. Sarah Jakes Roberts opens her heart and soul to share the trails of her life and how she has became who she is now. She helps woman in any path of life to grow from pain or mistakes that may be in her life. A very inspirational read to help navigate any woman on their journey. Thank you Sarah for sharing this book with us...  


Wheels Of Yesteryear - Review

Last week we traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC. While there we were given the opportunity to visit Wheels Of Yesteryear - Muscle At The Beach. Wheels Of Yesteryear opened in 2009 and has been visited by people all over the US. The cars showcased there belong to Paul and Carol Cummings, he is a life long car enthusiast and is generous in offering his private collection for all to see.

Wheels Of Yesteryear showcases a collection of many unique, classic vehicles. According to their website this collection has been 45 years in the making. My husband, Shannon and our two sons (Aidan - 11 years old and Noah - 9 years old) are both obsessed with classic cars and trucks... so this place was a grand adventure for them! As a homeschool Mom I'm always looking for fun ways to bring learning into our everyday lives... Wheels Of Yesteryear does just that. Our boys were walking through the museum reading the signs for each car. Expressing their interest in what they saw and learning more and more about the history of these vehicles. It was truly a fun educational experience! 

This museum was beautifully laid out. It was a nice location and the cars were sparkling clean.. plus it was great to walk around and see all the old memorabilia on display. The employees were friendly.. you were greeted with a smile and they were truly interested in telling you about the vehicles and wanting you to enjoy your visit. You felt like family when you walked through the door. 

Another great thing about Wheels Of Yesteryear is each January they close for two weeks to rotate and change some of their inventory. The Cummings own over 100 vintage automobiles and the museum showcases over 50 at a time. So there is always something new to see! 

My pictures don't do justice of how beautiful these vehicles truly are. This museum was a special place to visit and the next time we are in Myrtle Beach we will be visiting again! This is a must see location... if you are a car lover or even if you aren't... Wheels Of Yesteryear is a place that can be loved and enjoyed by all! 


Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park - Review

We were given the opportunity to visit Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Rockin' Jump is an indoor trampoline park where you can exercise and have fun while doing it! They offer so many different activities such as: trampoline dodgeball, open jump arenas, places to do flips and somersaults, a rock wall and so much more! This is a wonderful place for both kids and adults to play together. 

Rockin' Jump also offers birthday parties, family gatherings and private rooms. They have a snack bar with a wonderful quality of food for all to enjoy. We played for one hour and it was fun to share that time with our boys. The employees are friendly and help you to know how each activity is played. It's nice to visit a place where you are greeted with a smile and everyone is happy to see you there. You can feel comfortable in knowing your children are in good hands and you can laugh along with them.   

Rockin' Jump prices depend on how much time you want to play. You can see all of their pricing information and hours of operation HERE. They also offer special days for younger children (Rockin' Tots) along with Rockin' Saturdays and Rockin' Fridays.


This was a great place to visit and it was loved by our boys (ages 11 and 9) and by us (the parents). We are a homeschool family and are always on the look-out for special places to enjoy with our sons. Rockin' Jump in Myrtle Beach has became one of those places!