Nascar Speedpark

I'm a little behind on writing this post, however, the end of February we were in need of a break. My husband, myself and our two boys (Aidan and Noah) went to Pigeon Forge, TN for a fun day at Nascar Speedpark. If you have never been there before you must visit. There are eight go-cart tracks, mini golf, rock climbing and so much more! Plus, you can buy an all day pass and enjoy the rides over and over again. 

Inside the building is a big arcade. There are so many fun games to play and if it rains you can still enjoy all the fun (plus they offer a raincheck so you can visit again soon).  

Nascar Speedpark is a great place to visit... especially for wild boys like mine, ha! After spending the day there we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Joe's Crab Shack... sooo good!! 

2 more weeks of Homeschool then we are ready for more adventures! 

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