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This week our family "traveled" to Italy on our Food Passport. Italy is filled with many amazing recipes... it was hard to choose just one. We went with Spinach & Mozzarella Gnocchi with Cheesy Garlic Bread (from Blue Apron). The Italian dinner has three types of cheese. The gnocchi is coated in a delicious tomato sauce with garlic, herbs, fresh mozzarella and sprinkled with parmesan. On the side, we enjoyed, oven-toasted garlic bread with a creamy layer of fontina. Doesn't that sound wonderful... it was!!

Along with eating our delicious Italian meal we also took the time to learn about Italy... their food, culture and so much more! Below are a few videos we enjoyed watching:


Here are some interesting facts that we learned about Italy:
  • Population: 61.6 million people live in Italy (2016)
  • Capital: Roma (Rome), which is often called 'Eternal City', with 2.6 mio inhabitants and Italy’s biggest city.
  • Name: Repubblica Italiana (Italian Republic) or simply: Italia, Nickname: 'Bel Paese' which means beautiful country
  • Government: Democracy, Republic
  • Language: Italian as well as German, French and Ladin in some regions in Northern Italy.
  • Literacy: More than 98% can read and write.
  • Religion: mainly Christians (Roman Catholics 90%)
  • Currency: 1 Euro=100 cents, before 2001 Italian Lira
  • History: The country has a long history, as Rome its capital city today was founded in 753BC. After the Roman Empire broke down in 395AD, there were many separate kingdoms and city states. However, Italy became one nation only in 1861 and since then includes the islands of Sicily and Sardegna. It was a kingdom until 1946 after the second World War, where Italy sided with the German Nazis. Italy is founding member of the European Union (EU) and the NATO.
  • Flag: The colors represent these virtues: hope (green), faith (white), and charity (red).

Also, using this song the boys learned to count in Italian:

There are many more things to learn and explore about Italy. It is an amazing place. Hopefully one day we will get to visit there in person! 

Next up..... (India, South Asia) 


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