A Dog For Michael - Book Review

Book Description:

Adopt a rescue dog and change both your lives! Doug was eight years old when he arrived at a rescue facility, confused and scared. His owner had passed away, and her final wish was for Doug to have another loving family. She had raised and loved him since he was a five-week-old puppy and knew he would make another family as happy as he had made her. When eight-year-old Michael and his family adopted Doug from the shelter, a happy new chapter of his life began! A Dog for Michael is the true story of Doug's adoption and his new life. Anyone who spent time with Doug fell in love with this sweet, funny, and joyful dog. He has traveled throughout the USA with Michael and made friends in every city and town he visited. Many people have been motivated to adopt adult dogs after getting to know him. Shelter dogs are desperate for a home, and adult dogs make wonderful companions. If you can't adopt, consider supporting your local adoption facility, either financially or by volunteering-you will make a difference in the lives of the animals and the generous, committed people who run these organizations. ~from amazon 

My Review:

This is such a sweet story! Sweet little Doug.. I just wanted to squeeze him and bring him home! 

This is a great story to help people realize how much an older dog can bring love and joy into your life. This book has been enjoyed by both my sons (ages 9 and 11). My youngest son has actually read the book 3 times since we received it. 

The book is great quality. Sturdy and hardback with a smooth cover... one of the nicest quality children books I've seen in a while. The pictures in the book are full of color and capture the story completely. 

This is a must read for families out there who love dogs... well, animals of any of kind. It will touch your heart to read this sweet story. 

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