What We're Reading In January 2018

Family Read Aloud:

We will be starting this New Year off by learning about the orphan train.... a part of history that is so rarely shared in history books of today. We will be reading two books, Joan Lowery Nixon, The Orphan Train Quartet - A Family Apart.... we will also be enjoying, Train To Somewhere written by: Eve Bunting. 

What I'm Reading:

While I was checking out the above read aloud books at our local library, the librarian brought to my attention this wonderful little jem called, orphan train written by: Christina Baker Kline. I have already began reading it and I am hooked! It's an unforgettable story of friendship and second chances... take my word for it, it's a must read! 

I'm also reading: Becoming Momstrong by: Heidi St. John, Hello Mornings - Kat Lee and 100 Ways To Love Your Husband - Lisa Jacobson. I've still been reading, The Life Giving Table - Sally Clarkson and working on my Bible Study, Becoming A Woman Of Excellence - Cynthia Heald. I've been reading the last two books for a while now... just reading them here and there instead of continuously. Maybe I will finish them up this month.


Aidan (11 years old):

Aidan will be reading, The Giver written by: Lois Lowry. The story is about a twelve year old boy named, Jonas. Jonas life is "normal" until he receives his life assignment. He begins introduction in his life work with a mysterious man known as, The Giver. Jonas starts to learn that power lies in feelings. But when his own power is put to the test... he must try to save someone he loves... and he may not be ready. 


Noah (10 years old):

Noah will be reading, C.S. Lewis, The Magician's Nephew. On a daring quest to save a life, two friends are hurled into another world where evil seeks to enslave them. But then the lion Aslan's song weaves itself into the fabric of a new land... a land that will be known as Narnia. And in Narnia, all things are possible. 

What will you be reading this New Year? 


High County Lights

This holiday season we decided to seek out something different then what we have enjoyed in the past. While on our adventure for holiday fun we came across the sweetest Christmas tradition in a town called, Galax, Virginia. High Country Lights is an animated light show featuring thousands of LED lights choreographed to many different Christmas songs. This was such a treat for our two sons, my husband and myself. The light display is beautiful! You pull into a small parking lot, change your radio station to 95.9 FM, relax and watch the amazing display with the ones you love! 

However, if you are like our youngest son... you may want to get out, stretch your legs and do a little dance celebrating the holiday season! Ha! 

We had a wonderful time and we will return again next year! When you come and visit be sure to leave a little donation so this Galax tradition can continue for years to come. 

Same Kind Of Different As Me - Book Review

Book Description:

A dangerous, homeless drifter who grew up picking cotton in virtual slavery.
An upscale art dealer accustomed to the world of Armani and Chanel.
A gutsy woman with a stubborn dream.
A story so incredible no novelist would dare dream it.

It begins outside a burning plantation hut in Louisiana . . . and an East Texas honky-tonk . . . and, without a doubt, inside the heart of God. It unfolds at a Hollywood hacienda . . . an upscale New York gallery . . . a downtown dumpster . . . a Texas ranch.
Gritty with betrayal, pain, and brutality, it also shines with an unexpected, life-changing love.
Bonus material in this special movie edition includes:
  • a new epilogue with updates on the authors since the release of the original book;
  • the amazing story behind the movie, how it got made, and the incredible experiences while filming in Jackson, MS;
  • 16 page color photo insert from the movie set.

My Review:

I will start off by saying this was such an interesting book. From the first chapter I was drawn into the lives of these characters and wanted to know more... read more.. understand more about who they are and what will happen to them. 

Same Kind Of Different As Me is told by two narrators with two different perspectives.. which truly draws you into each "side of things". This book deeply touched my heart, it is a true inspirational read. 



Wilderness At The Smokies - Homeschool Days

The beginning of November we visited, Wilderness At The Smokies.... Smokey Mountains Biggest Waterpark Resort. This place is amazing!! They were having Homeschool Days, so receiving a big discount on our room was wonderful also! 

I cannot say enough great things about this resort. Not only are the rooms spacious and clean, the indoor waterpark was exciting and full rides and places for children to play while parents relax. The people (workers and guest) were all friendly and welcoming. We had the most amazing time... see for yourself... 

After spending two days at the waterpark we had to say goodbye.... we didn't want to leave but we will be back again soon! 

Our family loves hiking, parks, anything having to with the mountains and beauty of outdoors..... so before heading back home we visited Cades Cove in Great Smokey Mountains National Park. We also stopped at Gatlinburg Welcome Center and The Sugerlands Welcome Center to visit the museums and to purchase a few gifts for the boys. (Aidan collects walking stick medallions of all the places we have hiked and Noah collects postcards of all the places we have visited).   

Cades Cove is a beautiful place to visit. There is something special about this place. You may see turkeys, deer, horses or even a bear....... there are also many historical places to hike to and visit (churches, homes and more). 

That was our little getaway. It was nice to have another adventure with my family. We are hoping to visit Cades Cove again in the future as well... maybe next time riding bikes through. 

What We're Reading In November 2017

Family Read Aloud:

We have already decorated our home for Christmas.... so why not enjoy a Christmas read aloud this month. Our family will be reading, A Boy Called Christmas written by: Stephen Fry. Eleven year old Nikolas, nicknamed "Christmas", has received one toy in his life... a doll carved out of a turnip. He is happy with his doll because it came from his parents who love him dearly. Then one day his father goes missing and Nikolas must travel to the North Pole to save him. The adventure and spirit of the season begins.....  

What I'm Reading:

I'll be spending this month trying to catch up on a few books I have already started, The Lifegiving Table, Becoming A Woman Of Excellence and Daily Acts Of Kindness Devotional (this one is a 365 day devotional so it will last a while, ha!). 

Aidan (11 years old):

Aidan chose to read a Puffin Modern Classic, Adam Of The Road. Eleven year old Adam loves traveling through 13th century England with his father, a wandering minstrel and their dog, Nick. But when Nick is stolen and his father disappears.. Adam finds himself alone. He searches the same road he traveled with his father meeting various people along the way. Will Adam ever find his father and his dog? 

Noah (10 years old):

Noah is starting C.S.Lewis, Chronicles Of Narnia box set.... he chose to begin with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Four adventurous siblings step through a wardrobe and into the land of Narnia. This is book two in the Chronicles Of Narnia set.