The Other Side Of Infamy - Book Review

Book Description: 

War is uncomfortable for Christians, and worldwide war is unfamiliar for today’s generations. Jim Downing reflects on his illustrious military career, including his experience during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, to show how we can be people of faith during troubled times.

The natural human impulse is to run from attack. Jim Downing—along with countless other soldiers and sailors at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941—ran toward it, fighting to rescue his fellow navy men, to protect loved ones and civilians on the island, and to find the redemptive path forward from a devastating war. We are protected from war these days, but there was a time when war was very present in our lives, and in The Other Side of Infamy we learn from a veteran of Pearl Harbor and World War II what it means to follow Jesus into and through every danger, toil, and snare.

My Review: 

I love reading about history, especially WWII and Pearl Harbor. This book was no exception. The author, Jim Downing was in the Navy assigned to a ship that was attacked at Pearl Harbor. While reading this book you will feel a sense of truly being in that period of history and how God saved Jim during WWII. He shares many stories of how God changed his life and helped him to share the gospel to others. 

Jim Downing's life has truly been remarkable. If you would like an insight on how God can guide you, then this is the book for you! 

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