The Cricket In Times Square

Noah (age 9) just finished reading, The Cricket In Times Square by: George Selden. He enjoyed this classic book. A Cricket from Connecticut finds himself shuffled to New York in a picnic basket. In New York he meets some wonderful friends and takes in the sites of Times Square. He also brings a great gift to a hard-working family. This has now became Noah's favorite book! 

Along with reading the book, Noah also answered questions, watched videos that went along with the book and wrote a report about what he had read. A few questions for discussion were: 
  1. Who is your favorite character? Why?  
  2. Would you prefer to live in the county or city? Why?
  3. If you could help out a friend would you? How?
  4. What pet would you like for your own? 
Below are the videos he watched: 

This video was so cute. It was made by a homeschooler who read The Cricket 
In Times Square. He lives in New York so he takes you on a tour of the city that goes along with the book.


This was an interesting video of a walk through New York City. It makes 
you feel like you are truly there. This is Part 1 and Park 2 is below.

This video shows music examples of the book. A great video to go 
along with this classic book.

When Noah completed the book our boys had a lunch outside. In The Cricket In Times Square the story began with a picnic, so what better way to celebrate then to have a lunch outside. Chester got to experience many foods in the story so we enjoyed different kinds of sandwiches, crackers and two types of pasta. It was a fun experience. 

Noah loved this story and we loved seeing him enjoy such a classic book. He is now asking for the second book.. Tucker's Countryside. There are many ideas to go along with this book online, we just used a few.. so enjoy! 

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