Christmas at Dollywood

If you have never experienced Christmas at Dollywood.. you must! We have visited Dollywood numerous times in the past but to visit Christmas at Dollywood is completely a different adventure! It's amazing to see the park light up, hearing the music playing as you run from ride to ride, smelling the bakery sweets in the air and feeling the crisp breeze as you stroll through Dollywood. 

There is just something about the decorations and joy you feel that makes you want to run home and put up your Christmas tree. Which is exactly what we did! 

This year Dollywood has Rudolph and his friends there for a visit. Our youngest son, Noah, loved meeting them and of course meeting Santa as well. Our oldest son, Aidan, felt he was "too big".. however, he did let Mommy take a few pictures with the Christmas decorations. 

This was truly a magical trip! There were a multiple of shows offered during the day. Our favorite was, "Twas The Night Before Christmas". And there is just something wonderful about riding the roller coasters when the whole theme park is covered in Christmas lights. It was breathtaking! 

I do believe we have found a new Christmas tradition.. visiting Dollywood! 

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