Titanic Museum Review

Visiting the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN has always been something our family wanted to do. We were overjoyed when given the opportunity and I have to say the museum DID NOT disappoint! The museum was AMAZING! 

Being a Homeschool family this was an educational and fun way to teach our two sons (ages 10 and 9) about the Titanic. The museum is a self guided interactive tour and they did a great job of holding our sons attention. When we first arrived just seeing this massive museum was an adventure in itself. Then to walk inside.... becoming a "passenger" aboard the luxury liner... it's an experience everyone needs to have. 

While visiting the museum you truly learn more about what the Titanic was and the passengers that were aboard. I had always thought about how cold the water must have been, but until I placed my hands in the 28 degree water.. I could have never imagined how cold it truly was. To feel the tingle and pain in my fingers as I forced myself to keep my hand in the water... such sadness.. to know so many peoples fate lead them there.  

Aboard the Titanic we were able to to walk the Grand Staircase, touch a real iceberg, walk the third class hallways, try standing on the sloping deck, shovel coal in the boiler room and much more. I feel this museum is great for both children and adults. There are many interactive exhibits for all ages. There are also more than 400 artifacts (directly from the ship and it's passengers) surrounding you as you walk through the museum. When our family visited it was the last day the violin was there before it was sent back to it's owner. It was amazing to see the actual violin that played for the last time aboard the ship. 

When you arrive in the Titanic Memorial Room you will discover the fate of your passenger. Our boys were touched by this room... searching to see what happened to their "passenger"... wishing they had lived a long life. 

If you are ever in Pigeon Forge, TN this is a museum you don't want to pass up. Also, for you homeshoolers out there... COME VISIT... this is the perfect way to teach a child the true story of the Titanic. The "crew" are sweet, helpful and very educated. Also, the Titanic Museum offers many events and educational experiences. You can see more about them HERE

Our family cannot wait to walk aboard the Titanic once again! 


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