Song Of The Mountains

This Labor Day weekend our family (my husband, myself and our two sons - ages 10 and 9) were given the opportunity to visit Song Of The Mountains at The Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia. Song Of The Mountains introduces you to some of the best talents in bluegrass music. It is an award winning public television series that showcases music, musicians and the culture of the Southern Appalachians!

The Lincoln Theatre is a beautiful place for Song Of The Mountains. It is located in downtown Marion's historic district, originally built in 1929. When you visit Song Of The Mountains not only are you enjoying some of the best bluegrass music all in one venue.... you are also enjoying a part of Appalachian history.

Above you can see the line-up of great talent we were able to see. They were all amazing... keeping us singing, clapping and enjoying every moment! 

Along with enjoying the music we were also able to met many of the musicians during intermission and after the program. Everyone we met (including the workers who helped with the program) were all down to earth, helpful and happy for us to be there. I can't explain enough what a comfortable family friendly atmosphere Song Of The Mountains is. You will leave with your heart overjoyed and you may even make a few new friends!

Song Of The Mountains have many fantastic programs available for this year. Be sure to check out their website and book tickets to upcoming events! 

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