Natural Tunnel State Park

Field Trip # 4 ... we visited Natural Tunnel State Park! 850 foot long and as tall as a 10-story building, Natural Tunnel was carved thorough a limestone ridge thousands of years ago. It has been called the "Eighth Wonder Of The World". 


Aidan and Noah had a great time hiking on the trails at Natural Tunnel... especially the tunnel trail. It was a beautiful site to see and worth the hike! We also hiked to the Carter Cabin. Built in 1784 it's the oldest known house in Scott County. 

Hiking was fun (and tiresome) so we enjoyed a nice lunch and some playground time! 

The block house was a nice site to see.. and very educational which I enjoy. It was beautiful there and the boys liked exploring. 

As we headed home we took the opportunity to visit The Carter Family Fold. It's only open on Saturdays but it was nice to see the old buildings. Hopefully we will make it back for the singing one day soon. 

Another successful homeschool field trip.... 

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