Breaks Interstate Park

Our family is hoping to visit all of the Virginia State Parks one day soon. So far we have been to 7 of the 37 parks! The last park we visited has been one of our favorites. Breaks Interstate Park is located on the Virginia - Kentucky border. It is a beautiful park! A 5-mile gorge, plunging to 1650 feet... it's known as the "Grand Canyon Of The South". There are many trails to experience, numerous overlooks and they have several different activities during the year for both children and adults. On our visit we were able to enjoy the tomahawk throwing.

I can't say enough about the trails and the overlooks. Our family loves to hike and these trails were the perfect hiking experience for our boys... not too rough and not too long. We also had a great time catching critters on the hiking trails (such as the blue tailed lizards). 

While there we also enjoyed Paddle boats and the museum at the Visitor's Center.  

When we left Breaks Interstate Park we decided to drive into Kentucky (mainly just to say we have been there, lol). We stopped at the grave of the unknown solider, the Russel Fork Overlook and river.

We also stopped in Elkhorn to get a little taste of Kentucky before heading back to Virginia. We had an amazing Sunday! 

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