Hard-Boiled Parenting

This month we have been learning all about the Virtue - Responsibility. For our end of the month project the boys were given a hard-boiled egg which they designed to look like a baby. The goal for the next four days... they would have all the responsibilities of parents. 

To make it fair they each drew a card (boy or girl) to see who their child would be. They were then given a Certificate of Birth where they chose their child's name. Aidan named his girl - Starlight and Noah named his boy - Jon. 

Note: Having two sons... my boys weren't very happy with this project at first. However, once they made it through day 1 they started to enjoy it more. 

After completing the birth certificates they were able to decorate their babies.. and to create a home (crib) for the baby to stay in. (We used Rubbermaid containers with paper towels inside).

Finally, they were ready to begin.... 

Welcome to our family Jon.... 

And Starlight... 

During the next four days anywhere the boys went their babies had to go also. They were required to keep a log of when the "babies" were feed (bringing them to the table each time the boys ate), given a bath (wiped off every night) and when they went to sleep (placed in the refrigerator each night at bedtime). They also had to keep a journal that explained how they cared for their egg. 

Night time for the "babies"..

Also, during the four days there were random events given to Aidan and Noah regarding their "babies". Such as: The baby is teething and slightly dehydrated. The boys had to explain how they would care for the child and then their child would either get better or worse. Aidan and Noah received 3 random events each (some harder than others).  

The "babies" playing during school.. 

Overall, this was a successful project. After many complaints.. Aidan and Noah finally started to take the project serious and did a great job at raising their children. However, there were a few "cracks" on the eggs by day 4. I guess that is to be expected with two silly boys. Apparently, they were "playing" with their babies and rolling them down the hall. That sounds about right, haha! 

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