Biblical Times Dinner Theater Review

I was given the opportunity to visit the Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was a wonderful trip! Good music, a friendly cast, amazing food and the spirit of the Lord all around you. When you have the opportunity it's a visit you don't want to miss. 

Biblical Times Dinner Theater offers a unique experience. We watched The Year Of Jubilee, Moses, Mountain Of God. In this production you meet Moses and Joshua as they take you on a journey of Faith and Miracles. There are two parts to this show... first, we were blessed with hearing Christian music from an award winning live cast. The music included southern gospel, contemporary, hymns and worship music. While we listened (and many of the audience, including myself, joined in with the singing), we were served a "Feast Of Biblical Proportion" - as they like to say. Our feast included a salad, roast beef with au jus sauce, wood smoked pulled pork, herb garnished red potatoes and much more! You can see the menus HERE for each show.

Biblical Times Dinner Theater has three shows going right now... Moses, Elijah and Heaven's Heroes. They will also be having a Christmas show! I cannot wait to see them all! To order tickets and see more about the theater just visit their website HERE and enjoy their video below: 


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