Becoming a Woman of Excellence ~ Book Review


Society beckons us to succeed—to achieve excellence in our appearance, our earning power, our family life. God Himself also beckons us to be women of excellence. But what exactly is He asking? If you’re hungry for God’s perspective on success in a society that bombards you with conflicting demands, feed on the truths of God’s Word that you’ll discover in these pages. You will not only learn to “approve the things that are excellent” but will also experience the joy of becoming God’s woman of excellence. This bestselling topical Bible study has helped over one million women over the past 30 years, and is newly revised and updated so today’s women can discover who God designed them to be in this day and age. Written by Navigator author and Bible teacher Cynthia Heald, the 11 sessions in this Bible study explore what your identity in Christ is and how you can best serve Him.

My Review:

This is a wonderful Bible study. I love the layout of the book and how the author truly dug deep into the scriptures. Each chapter is a little different.. there are lots of scriptures, questions and there is a guide for Bible study leaders at the back of the book. 

The author takes you on a journey through God's word to teach us what it means to be a woman of excellence. She helps you to see you don't have to change who you are in Christ... we just improve on our greatness we already have. 

I highly recommend this book to any woman looking for a way to see her true self through the eyes of the Lord. This would also be a great gift book.  

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