Abingdon Muster Grounds - Field Trip

After visiting the Natural History Museum at the Gray Fossil Site we stopped for a history lesson at Abingdon Muster Grounds. If you have never been here before.. be sure to visit! This place holds much history about the Revolutionary War in our area. The people who work here are friendly and they love sharing the history of this area with you. 

Be sure to stop by the Visitor Center, it's a free exhibit.. however, donations are welcome. Make sure you check out George Washington's Ladle, have a silly laugh dressing up and see how to load and shoot a rifle and musket. 

And before you leave take a walk in your forefathers footsteps.... (The Muster Grounds is the northern trailhead of the 330-mile long Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail). 

Natural History Museum At The Gray Fossil Site

We were given the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum At The Gray Fossil Site in Gray, TN. Myself and my two sons (ages 10 & 9) enjoyed exploring the museum. To tell you a little history about the Museum... In May of 2000 the Tennessee Department of Transportation was working on a road construction project when they discovered a large fossil deposit. Since then the Gray Fossil Site has worked to discover many fossils and create the Natural History Museum to share with others. 

The Museum helps to provide a glimpse into the unique ecosystem of the region. Inside the museum is a permanent exhibit that details the ecosystem of the site and there is always something new in their temporary exhibit hall. 

As you can see from the pictures above, there are many hands-on educational opportunities for children to enjoy in the museum. After viewing the movie (that tells you about the location) and visiting the exhibits downstairs, we went to the above level to see even more. This was one of my favorite parts of the museum. I liked being able to see the Preparation Lab and where they stored the fossils. It was very interesting. We also saw some Native American exhibits and visited the fossil site. 

We are a homeschool family and this was a wonderful field trip for my sons. I am happy we were able to visit the Natural History Museum At The Gray Fossil Site and I'm sure we will be back again soon!