Natural Bridge Zoo

This weekend my family and I visited Natural Bridge Zoo. This was a wonderful Field Trip/Vacation! Natural Bridge Zoo is a great place for Homeschoolers... a great place for families! Young or older... It's a must see for everyone when visiting Natural Bridge, Virginia!

Along with our family my parents and my two nieces joined us for the day. To tell you a little about the zoo... it opened it's doors to the public in 1972. The main purpose for Natural Bridge Zoo has always been the propagation and rearing of threatened or endangered species. More than 100 baby animals are born each year at the zoo. This is also an easy place to find... just look for the giant elephant! 

Another added bonus when visiting you can spend an hour or the entire day! You have your hand stamped and you can come and go as you please. Did I mention you can feed many of the animals? There are Giraffes, camel, deer, llama and goats along with other playful animals to feed and enjoy. You can purchase a $1 or $5 bag of feed. The children (and adults) loved feeding and petting all of the animals. It's truly an up-close adventure!

There are many animals to see through out the zoo. It's all laid out on a nice little path that's easy to follow so that you don't miss a thing. 


As you walk through the zoo there are also many photo opportunities. Our children enjoyed playing on the statues and posing for silly pictures. 

Natural Bridge Zoo wants you to enjoy yourself there. You can relax and watch your children laughing and playing... The zoo gives you this "at home feeling" that you can't get from very many places. It's truly worth the visit! 

You can ride African Elephants!! It's $6 per person to ride and our children loved it!! The staff were friendly and helpful with our children and the elephant was gentle and friendly! You can also have your picture taken with the elephant. 

One last thing to tell you about is Boots and Bengie. Our kids fell in love with these sweet babies. As a parent I love how the zoo offered a paper at the fence to explain who they were and why they were there. They were such a joy to meet! 

Natural Bridge Zoo is a fun & beautiful place to visit. The animals are well behaved and you can tell they are treated great by the staff. Everyone was friendly and helpful and we cannot wait to visit again! 

Be sure to visit their website HERE to learn about admission, hours and all of the animals there are to see! They also group rates, school field trips and much more!  

~ Be sure to visit Foamhenge it's only one minute from the zoo!~

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