Morning Time Basket

This year we will start using our "Morning Time Basket". This is a great way to get all the homeschool extras done during our school year. 

What is a Morning Time Basket? Morning Time is our special time together each morning that includes extra subjects we love incorporating into our school. It's also been called family time, circle time, morning meeting.. we keep all of our books in what we call our Morning Time Basket. Every single day our family will be spending time together reading and learning meaningful things. It's a wonderful way to bond and educate your children.

This is not wasted time.. it's the best time! We will be learning Shakespeare, Art, Music, Poetry, enjoying Read Alouds, scripture study, church history, nature study and much more! Before we focus on our core subjects we will begin our day with a lesson from our Morning Time Basket. Then we will have a snack and move forward with Math, Spelling and all the rest. 

NOTE: We do not teach each subject daily (except Bible). The rest are rotated during the month. 

Along with our Morning Time Basket I have also made binders for myself and my sons. My binder includes ideas, lessons... all that I need to teach the morning subjects. Aidan and Noah's binders are for them to keep everything together they learn.    

What is in our Morning Time Basket? The books.. lessons.. in our basket may change through out the year but as of now here is what we will be using:: 

How does your family begin each morning? 

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