Homeschool Curriculum Revealed

Homeschool Curriculum Revealed:
Our 2016-2017 Curriculum Choices

For me this is my most exciting post of the year, the post where I get to show you all of new curriculum we will be using. We will start back to homeschool on Wednesday, July 6th. I am currently in the process of planning our new school year. You can click HERE to see how I plan it. 

Independent Reading: I have created a 4th Grade book list for Noah to choose from during the school year. He will also be completing several "fun" book reports. 

Writing & Vocabulary: Writing & Rhetoric Book 1: Fable Program and                                                 Book 2:Narrative I

Speech Therapy: He will continue speech therapy (working on his "r" sounds) at our local public school.  

Independent Reading: I have created a 6th Grade book list for Aidan to choose from during the school year. He will also be responsible for completing Book Report Forms and keeping a Reading Log. (printables created by homeschoolcreations.net)  

Writing & Vocabulary: IEW, All Things Fun & Fascinating 

Penmanship: He will continue with cursive practice. 

We try to do as many subject as we can together.

Bible: Each of the boys have a, My Bible Journal: A Journey Through The Word. They will work on them independently each morning. As a family we continue working on Family Scripture Study. (The History we are using this year also incorporates Bible study).   

History & Geography: Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation (We have been learning history in order since we began homeschooling. We have now made it to Modern Times. We are excited to finish our 4 year history study this year!)

Music Lessons: The boys have been learning to play the guitar. They take lessons from their Daddy and will continue to learn during the school year.  

Morning Time Binder: This is different for us and we are excited to try it out in our homeschool. To sum it up quickly we will be rotating what we learn each morning, such as: Nature Study, Art, Health, Shakespeare, Music Study, Poetry, Virtues, Church History, Critical Thinking and much more! This is a great way to get all those "extra" subjects taught without being overwhelmed. You can see more about it HERE!  

Typing & Computer Skills: The boys will continue working on their typing skills by playing Typing Instructor For Kids and also typing reports during the school year. I have also created a Computer Skills Unit Study for them to work through. The unit study includes Internet Safety, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint Introduction.    

Foreign Language: This year we will begin learning Latin. However, I am still undecided on which curriculum I would like to use. If you have any suggestions please let us know. Thanks! 

We will also be taking many field trips this year and enjoying many read alouds. What will your homeschool year look like? 

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