Searching For Nannie B. - Book Review

Book Description

How would you be affected if your mother died giving you life? And how would such a loss affect your children? These questions are the foundation of many issues raised by the author, Nancy Owen Nelson, in her search for the missing pieces of a grandmother who in 1905 died giving the author’s mother life, all told in her wonderful memoir, Searching for Nannie B. It was a tragedy that seemed to affect multiple generations, the voids in identity and ill-spent guilt flowing from the stream of blood that kept mother from daughter, and then from granddaughter. But it was a search well-spent.

The Reverend Roger Mohr, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit, may have said it best. “Often the tapestry of family history does not seem to offer us the sort of clarity about who we have become, and why. And sometimes the narrative tells us a story about ourselves that we do not wish to accept.”

Nancy Owen Nelson’s search resulted in raising more questions about herself, even as it answered questions about her mysterious grandmother. Nonetheless, in the end her journey toward discovery was one of startling self-awareness and connection. No matter whether you feel connected or lost in family, you will be unable to avoid the heartfelt pleasure and pain that comes from the author’s brave attempt to connect three generations of Southern women.

My Review

I was given the opportunity to review, Searching For Nannie B. by the author Nancy Owen Nelson. This is a book that I did not read quickly... this book takes some time to truly enjoy. Time to read.. sit it down and ponder what I had read... truly experience this story for myself.. and I loved every minute of it! 

The authors Grandmother, Nannie B. died shortly after giving birth to her daughter (the authors Mother). This book details the authors journey of searching for her past history and finding love, loss and a connection to her family. Pictures are included in the book to help draw you even closer to Nannie B. 

This book will leave you longing for your own "family history" adventure! This is a wonderful read and I'm sure you will enjoy it! 

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  1. This was truly a good read, as well as an incentive to make connections. Whether you knew your grandmothers or not, it draws out the importance of families passing down and preserving information that someone may or may not want to find in the future. It was a fun ride!