Putter and the Red Car - Book Review

Book Description

Putter and the Red Car is the story of one family’s cross country road trip narrated by a lively Airedale terrier. The book incorporates ideas related to family, change, geography and adventure with a backdrop of bright colorful illustrations. It is a perfect book for the emerging reader, young children just learning about the world around them and those who love dogs – particularly Airedales.

My Review 

This was a sweet read that my boys (ages 8 & 10) enjoyed as a read aloud. We are not moving (like Putter and his family did).. however, we are leaving in a few days for our first road trip. This book came right in time for them to enjoy Putters adventure. The author did a wonderful job of keeping the child's attention while reading the book. You feel as if you are on the trip along with Putter, seeing new places and playing with friends. This is a well written book that I'm sure it will be enjoyed by many children. 

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