Papa, Tell Us About The Bible - Book Review

Book Description: 

Papa, Tell Us About the Bible - A Grandfather/Granddaughters Dialogue, readers will join “Papa” and his three teenage granddaughters in their journey through the Bible – discovering and discussing its eternal truths – essential guides for living a purposeful life. Because of its drama framework, this book provides multiple ways for engaging teenagers' interest in understanding the Bible. It serves as a guide for parents and grandparents, also as a playbook for family production and discussion.

About The Author:

Bob Dowell, PhD, is an innovative Christian writer dedicated to counteracting the rising tide of cultural indifference to traditional Biblical values. In the writing of this book, Dr. Bob utilized his knowledge of the Bible and of literature in general from his teaching of the Bible and literature as a university professor. For many years in his career, he taught a course entitled, "The Bible As Literature". He spent a decade researching and writing his three volume work, Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart, an innovative work utilizing both prose and poetry – coined the word, "prosepoe.

My Review:

I know there has been many times I have heard children say they do not understand what the Bible is saying. I remember myself as a young girl during Sunday School or church preaching I would try to follow and get lost at times. I always wanted to know the how and the why of events in the Bible. "Papa, Tell Us About The Bible" is a great reference book for those conversations. This is a great book that many parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers, youth directors.. even teenagers should own. The book is written through conversations with a grandfather and his grandchildren. There are four chapters (acts) in Bob Dowell's book: 
  • The Bible From the Beginning
  • The Abraham Story
  • The Jacob and Sons Story
  • The Joseph Story 

I started with reading this book on my own.. and with each page I was drawn more and more into the conversation. He uses wisdom and talks about the Bible in a way that children can truly understand... a way that draws them closer to the events... closer to God. Since completing the book myself I am now hoping to enjoy it with my two sons as a read aloud. 

I highly recommend this book! There are so many ways it can be used.. from reading it together as a family to being used as a playbook in group settings.    

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