5th Grade Reading List

As mentioned in an earlier post about our curriculum, for reading, Aidan (my 5th Grader), will be choosing books to read independently this year. Here is a list that we created for him to choose from during the school year.  

  1. Dragons Of The Deep - Carl Wieland
  2. Buffalo Bill (Childhood of Famous Americans) - Augusta Stevenson
  3. Tornado - Betsy Byars
  4. Homer Price - Robert McCloskey
  5. Surprise At Yorktown (Imagination Station) - Marianne Hering
  6. Tales from Dust River Gulch - Tim Davis
  7. The Scripture Sleuth 2 - Mat Halverson
  8. Who Was George Washington? - Roberta Edwards 
  9. Ribsy - Beverly Clearly 
  10. The Golden Age Of Pirates - Bob Temple
  11. Life as a Samurai - Matt Doeden
  12. The Wild West - Allison Lassieur 
  13. The Roar of the Crowd, Winning Season - Rich Wallace
  14. Jurassic World - David Lewman
  15. The Legend Of Bass Reeves - Gary Paulsen
  16. Patriots, Redcoats & Spies - Robert J. Skead
  17. Submarines, Secrets & A Daring Rescue - Robert J. Skead
  18. Willie's Redneck Time Machine - John Luke Robertson

~ Aidan also can choose books from our local library to read during the year. 

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