The Big Pig Stampede - Book Review

I was given the opportunity to review, The Big Pig Stampede (and a bunch more amazing miracles), written by: Bob Hartman. 

Book Description::

Goat Boy, a.k.a. Gideon, is the kid everyone loves to pick on. He’s like any typical Bible-time boy who spends his life traveling around Palestine milking goats, giving Roman soldiers a hard time, and getting into trouble on more than one occasion. Goat Boy is curious, enjoys a good adventure, and has a couple of mildly irritating friends. What’s not so typical is how he and his friends are in the right place at the right time to witness the amazing miracles and teachings of Jesus.

Witty, insightful, wacky. These are just a few words to describe Bob Hartman’s latest chapter-book series, Goat Boy Chronicles. In this unique collection of stories, Goat Boy and his friends experience the miracles of Jesus through their awkward adolescent eyes. The boys laugh, they make jokes, they observe, they puzzle over everything that Jesus does, and in their own quirky ways they become the eyes and ears of the reader as they witness the unfolding of the gospel story.

Bob Hartman’s passion is to retell Bible stories accurately and in a way that will help kids want to read them time and time again. Not just because the stories are “good for them” but because they are so creative, so clever, and so enthralling that they just can’t help themselves!

My Review::

I am very pleased that I was able to read this book aloud to my two sons (ages 8 and 9). This was a great way to get my boys even more excited about Biblical events. With the book written from a young boy's perspective it drew my kids into the book. While we read there was laughter and discussion... two wonderful things about reading a good book. My oldest son would like to read more about "Goat Boy" in the future!   

My only peeve about this book is some of the slang. It's not really a big deal but we teach our children not to use words like jerk and it happens in this book. However, it did get a good laugh from my boys.  I know it was written that way to relate to children, I just wish that some slag words could be re-framed from. 

This is a good read and I would recommend it to children in upper elementary through middle school. 

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