Fort Chiswell Animal Park

This week we went on a field trip to Fort Chiswell Animal Park. We have been learning about different animals in Science.. so this worked out great! We were fortunate to have many wonderful homeschool friends to go along with us! If you haven't visited there before.. it's a must see in Virginia. The staff is very nice and helpful and you get a true "up-close" experience with the animals. 

When you enter the Animal Park there is a petting zoo that the children loved! This is a place you can just let your children run and see all of the animals around them. But watch out for animal droppings, lol!  

Next up was Aidan, Noah and my niece Alaina's favorite park of the trip... the bus! They loved riding the bus, seeing all the animals, feeding and petting them. Also, our tour guide was friendly and helped to educate the children about the animals.  

This was a wonderful homeschool field trip and we cannot wait for more to come! 

Goodies from the animal park!

 What Aidan learned on our field trip::

  • Giraffes will not run down hill. 
  • Toucans can peck you.  
  • Monkeys have tails and Apes don't.
  • Monkeys love to copy what you are doing.  

What Noah learned on our field trip::
  • Turtles like watermelon
  • I have a lot of friends!
  • Camels have two toes on each foot. 
  • Camels have one or two humps. 
  • Camels are gross! 

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