A Day In The Life Of A Homeschooler..

I'm Noah. I am 8 years old and in 3rd Grade. I am homeschooled and this is all about my day! 

It was Wednesday. I woke up and me, my brother Aidan and our dog Maddie all climbed in bed with Mommy. She was sleeping late. It was 7:32am. We played and told stories to Mommy. Then I got dressed, brushed my teeth, made up my bed and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks while Mommy cooked breakfast. We had pancakes. I also took a nap. I was still sleepy. 

After we ate breakfast we started school. We did Bible together first. Mommy read from Proverbs and from our two Bible books. We learned that we need to talk to our friends about God and let our light shine! 

Aidan went to do his school work and I worked with Mommy. We did Spelling first and I spelled all of my words right. We also added new words to my Silent E Book. It has all the rules for Silent E inside of it. Then we did writing and I learned new vocabulary words and new adjectives. Mommy wrote words on the whiteboard and I wrote adjectives to describe the words. I like the word: fierce... "There once was a fierce lion!"   

This is my binder that I keep all my work in. 

Next, I read my reading book. It was a story about a baby wombat. After reading the story I learned about similes and I found Australia on the map. That's where the story took place. 

Now for a break. Mommy needed to work with Aidan, so I went and played in my room and took Maddie for a walk. 

Break time was over... It was time for me to do Math. I learned about fractions and I practiced adding again. I like to add. 

Then it was my favorite part of the day... lunch time! After lunch I played with Aidan.

History was next. We learned about Pilgrims, Mayflower and William Bradford. Me and Aidan sit on a little blanket to do our work. It was fun! On the Mayflower there wasn't a lot of room for people. We sit on the blanket to see what it would be like if we were on the Mayflower and didn't have a lot of room to move. Also, while we did our History paper we listened to Schubert. We have been learning about him in Music. I was being silly and acting out the loud music when it came on. Oh... and we drew a picture of the Mayflower!  

In Science we leaned about aquatic mammals. I colored a picture and did a word search about mammals while Mommy read and asked questions. 

When we finished Science we watched a movie about William Bradford. He is known as the Father of Thanksgiving. I also did some math for fun while I watched the movie. 

School is over! We went outside to play! 

Daddy came home from work and we took a bath and ate supper. Then I played Disney Infinity with Aidan for a while. Later Aidan drew a ghost ship and I drew a story and told it to everyone. And I played with Mommy and Daddy. 

I helped Mommy make dessert! 

Before we went to bed I got a gift from Momaw and Popaw! They love me! It was a stuffed pig from the book, If you give a pig a pancake. I love him and named him "piggie". Daddy read us our read aloud and then we prayed together and I went to sleep. It was a great day! 

What I like about Homeschool:
  • I love Science, History and Math!
  • Being with my family.
  • Not having school all day long! 
  • Going on field trips!

What I don't like about Homeschool:
  • I don't like reading, writing and spelling. I'm good at them but I don't like doing them all the time. 
  • That's all!!!  

Bye! ~Noah 

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