'Til We Meet Again - Book Review

WOW! This has became one of my favorite books! I was glued to this book from the first page. It is written with such passion... beauty... It's just amazing! A must read for book lovers. 

'Til We Meet Again - A Memoir Of Love and War is written by Craig Borlase. He is telling the story of Ray and Betty Whipps. Their story of youth, love and war. The story is told through the words of Ray Whipps. Starting at his childhood, as you read.. you are taken on the journey of his life. You travel with him while he enlist for the Navy Air Corps to follow his passion of flying. You feel his discouragement as he struggles with the math required to continue in the program and you feel his fear as he faces the Germans in the Army. Along the way you also read letters written by Betty Whipps as she becomes a nurse in the Army and longs to help those in need. 

This book is full of history, God's presence in Ray and Betty Whipps lives, how God gave them the strength to live out their dreams..... and how God's love lead them to find one another. This is a beautiful love story and a beautiful life. You do not want to pass this book up! 

In the summer of 1945, World War II was ending, but their love story was just beginning.

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