Lazarus Awakening DVD Study Pack - Review

Book Description: 

Journey to the Tomb of Lazarus…and Hear Jesus Call Your Name
Mary worshiped. Martha served. But what did Lazarus do to experience Jesus’s lavish love? 
Filmed in the Holy Land, this DVD companion to Joanna Weaver’s book Lazarus Awakeningexplores the incredible truth that Jesus loves us apart from our works or our worthiness. He wants to call us out of our tombs and into friendship with Him.
Designed for use with the book and companion study guide, this three-disc DVD Bible study is formatted for both individual and group use, with content suitable for both men and women.
·         In-depth Bible study: Features eight 15- to 17-minute video sessions.
·         Bonus “Israel Moment” videos explore the life of Christ and the Holy Land.
·         Designed for use with the study guide and book.
·         Leader’s guide, promotional material, and retreat format included.

My Review: 

I was given the opportunity to review, Lazarus Awakening DVD Study Pack - by: Joanna Weaver. This was a wonderful Bible Study and I feel blessed to have taken this journey along with her. I have enjoyed Joanna Weavers book, Having A Mary Heart In A Martha World and just like that book.. this guide is beautifully written and helpful in so many ways. 

Find your place in the heart of God.... 

The DVD study pack includes one study book and one DVD. The DVD has eight video sessions and a few extras included. The video was filmed in many beautiful locations. Joanna's voice and passion as she teaches keeps you seeking to learn more. The love for our Heavenly Father in her voice brings excitement into your heart and helps you to dig deeper in your own spiritual walk with Him. 

I recommend this study pack to those wanting to learn more.... and feel more... on their path with the Lord.  

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