Flat Stanley

Our youngest son Noah (age 8) read a few Flat Stanley books this month and then we did a swap with our neighbor for some added fun! Here is Noah's adventure with Flat Stanley while he visited! 


Flat Stanley arrived in our mailbox from Colton! Thank you Colton for swapping Flat Stanley's with us! 

Him and Noah became the best of friends. Playing with toys, building a tent, swinging, riding scooters and bikes, swimming and even shooting the bb gun! 

Even big brother Aidan took Flat Stanley under his wing and showed him how to shot the bow. 

We decided to take Flat Stanley to visit one of our favorite places.. Comers Rock Overlook. He thought it was beautiful there! He even asked Noah to take a picture of him to show Colton.  

We also went fishing and hiking at Hale Lake. Flat Stanley, Noah and Aidan had a great time. He even caught his first fish.. (pictured below)! 

Thank you Colton for letting Flat Stanley come and visit us! We had a blast! 

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