Our New Homeschool Room

After many years of schooling at our kitchen table we now have a Homeschool Room! It is so nice to have a place to put all of our books, curriculum, art supplies... everything! Here is a tour of our new room!

Aidan & Noah love having their own desk.. and so does Mommy!

This year the boys will be learning the presidents in order. Here are the first 10 for us to begin with, then we will add the rest as we go. 

Our book basket! Every two weeks we will take a trip to the library and add new  books related to topics we are learning about.  

Our curriculum book shelf. 

Reading book shelf. I was surprised it filled up so quickly. I think we will be adding another book shelf in the future. 

Mommy's desk. The basket on my desk will be for the boys to add their completed work through out the day. 

I love our history timeline! The boys have been learning history in order with The Story Of The World, for the past few years. My Father's World (our new curriculum) continues history in order... so we decided it was time for a timeline!

Encouraging signs... aren't they cute?

I love our big whiteboard and our big world map! Aidan drew the picture of the american flag (too cute!) and then we have our postcard from England!

All About Spelling whiteboard. 

Just a little cursive handwriting reminder. 

Aidan's desk

Noah's desk

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our school room! 

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