Our Curriculum

We have used many different curriculum choices through our homeschooling years. I was a member of the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew for two years and we reviewed many wonderful programs. This year we will be doing things a little differently. For the first time we will be using a "complete" curriculum for History, Bible, Science and Music. We are using My Father's World: Exploration to 1850 and we cannot wait to begin! 

Along with My Father's World we will be adding some of the favorite curriculum we have used in the past. Below is a list of our choices: 

Aidan (age 9, 5th Grade) 

Saxon Math Intermediate 5

All About Spelling Level 5

Drawn Into The Heart Of Reading 4/5
(We will be using this as a guide for reading. 
Aidan will also be reading many books independently.)

IEW - Student Writing Intensive Level A

Noah (age 8, 3rd Grade)

Saxon Math 3

All About Spelling Level 3

All About Reading Level 3 (along with more books
Noah has chosen himself)

IEW - Bible Heroes Writing Lessons

Noah also started Speech Therapy this year (working on his "r" sounds) at our local public school. 


The boys will also be using World's Greatest Artist,  
Typing Instructor For Kids and they will begin cooking lessons.  

We would love to hear if anyone has tried any of these programs before... or what type of curriculum you will be using this year! God Bless!

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