some magic...

We LOVE the Barter Theatre! Every chance we jump at the opportunity to join our local homeschool group there! It's such a blessing to take the boys... a field trip to the Barter is more than just a performance.. it's an experience they will never forget!

This Christmas we enjoyed watching Frosty. It's a musical about a young orphan named Billy who discovers the magic in a stolen hat. When he places it on a snowman's head... he comes to life! 

The performance was fantastic! We also loved seeing our friends there.. and being with Momaw Virgie (my mother), Auntie (my sister) and my sweet nieces Abigail and Alaina.


Seeing Is Believing...

This Christmas our family enjoyed a "Polar Express Adventure"! One Saturday night the boys enjoyed a reading of The Polar Express and then we watched the movie.... with hot chocolate of course. Before going to bed they both received a golden ticket for an adventure the next evening. (We had Sunday School the next morning... so we waited until Sunday night for the adventure to begin!)

Every year around Christmas time our family enjoys Speedway in Lights. We started taking the boys when they were just babies. However, each year is just as fun as the last!

(Noah & Aidan at Speedway in Lights in 2009)

This year on our "Polar Express Adventure" we were joined by Momaw, Popaw and my nieces Abigail and Alaina. 

The boys loved this adventure with riding rides, seeing Santa (even if they don't truly believe), drinking hot chocolate, eating a whole funnel cake themselves and of course seeing all the beautiful lights! 


This was truly a wonderful "Polar Express Adventure"! I can't wait until next year! 

“Smile -- it increases your face value.”

This year we visited Dollywood MANY times! It's close to our home and we bought season passes therefore, the boys enjoyed many field trips to Dollywood. There are plenty of things to do there... of course there are rides which we loved! 


And the train ride..... it was a little loud for Noah...  

Tons of games to play... 

Fun places for Mommy to take pictures... 

And what I always love about Field Trips/Vacations.... educational opportunities! The boys made their own candles, visited the craftsman's valley (learning about glass blowing, leather work, soap making, barrel making, guitar making, carriage building.. and much more!). There is also a big eagle aviary and we had a very close view of magnificent birds! 

The great thing about season passes we were able to visit Dollywood as a family, with our cousins and even a trip with just Mommy & the boys! 

I'm happy we were able to visit Dollywood on different occasions.... and that we were able to visit during the school week (no lines to wait in for rides). We made many memories that we will treasure for a lifetime. 

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” ~ Dolly Parton