Draw 50 Sea Creatures ~ Book Review

Book Description:

Part of the best-selling Draw 50 series this step-by-step guide to drawing various fish, sharks, oysters, bottlenose dolphins, crabs, polar bears, coral, and other ocean life is for artists of all levels.

In this new installment of Lee J. Ames's beloved Draw 50 series, readers will find easy-to-follow, step-by-step visual lessons on sketching and rendering all kinds of sea and ocean-dwelling creatures. Animals and plants from in and near the water featured in the book include clownfish, whale sharks, sea otters, dolphins, turtles and more.

My Review:

My oldest son (age 11) loves to draw. His favorite things to draw are animals.. especially sea creatures. I was given the opportunity to review this book and I knew it would be the perfect fit for him. This book is easy to understand with step-by-step directions on how to draw many ocean creatures... such as jellyfish, sharks, dolphins and more! This book has easy drawings and more difficult ones for my son. He has truly enjoyed using this book and is already asking for more drawing books.  


What We're Reading In September 2017

Family Read Aloud:

Our family has started reading the book, Kingdom Family Devotional (52 weeks of growing together), written by: Tony and Jonathan Evans. This devotional has been a blessing to our family. We enjoy reading and studying God's word together during supper each evening and right before bedtime. Each week covers a different topic, such as: love, respect, obedience, witnessing and more. This book is a wonderful way to build a spiritually strong family... week-by-week, day-by-day. 

We are also reading, Prayers That Changed History... from Christopher Columbus to Helen Keller, how God used 25 people to change the world. This book helps to teach us how prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us. God isn't done with us yet.. he has used many people in the past to change the world and he can use us today. 


What I'm Reading:

I am enjoying two books this month, All Saints, The surprising true story of how refugees from Burma brought life to a dying church. This book has been made into a major motion picture and I can't wait to enjoy it in the future as well. I have also started the Bible study, Becoming A Woman Of Excellence, written by: Cynthia Heald. If you're hungry for God's perspective on success in a society that bombards you with conflicting demands, with this Bible study you will feed on the truth of God's word.... experiencing the joy of becoming God's woman of excellence. 


Aidan (11 years old):

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, a Puffin classic. I love for our boys to read classic books, here are a few reasons why... Classics teach virtue. They teach lessons on respect, hard work, obedience and more. Classics expand understanding. Many newer books use easy, everyday language to grab a child's attention.. to relate to today's kids. This language is familiar and comfortable, however, it fails to challenge a child's intellectual ability and raise him to a new level of understanding. There are places for both modern and classic books in our home.. we just prefer to enjoy more classics than others. 

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table is one of the greatest legends of all time! From the moment Arthur releases the sword in the stone until the tragedy of the last battle, Roger Lancelyn Green, brings the world of Arthur to life. 

Noah (10 years old):

A beloved classic, Bambi: A Life in the Woods. Bambi learns that the woods hold danger - and things he doesn't understand. Bambi becomes scared that Man will hurt him and the ones he loves. But Man can't keep Bambi from growing into the Prince Of The Forest. 

We will also be enjoying the movie, Bambi after Noah reads the book.