Grandpa's Box

My family and friends can tell you I have RAVED about this book! I had to write a post to let those who do not know about Grandpa's Box... well.. know! My friend Amanda told me about this book before we started our school year in 2012. I purchased the book, placed it on our book shelf and there it set for the next few months.. always in the back of my mind that we will begin reading it soon. About a month ago I picked up the book and read the first chapter to the boys.. since then we have not been able to put it down! This book is amazing! If you have children... read it to them!! If you don't.. read it yourself!! 

Grandpa's Box is about Amy, Marc and their Grandfather. He shares stories of the GREAT WAR we are all fighting with his grandchildren. He has a special yellow wooden box and inside are wooden carvings he uses to illustrate the wonderful stories of the Bible. 

"It was a wooden box, simply made. I guess you could call it my war chest. Grandpa said. As the children peered into the box, they saw many small figures- animals, people, and objects of all kinds. A number of them were carved from wood" 

((From the back of the book - Starr Meade... takes children to a deeper understanding of God's plan of redemption told throughout all of Scripture. Each chapter emphasizes what we learn about God, not just what we learn about individual characters in the Bible.))

We are currently on Chapter 14 - Unlikely Weapons for Unlikely Soldiers (Judges 6-7). We have been taking our time reading the book, discussing the events in the Bible, going back to our Bibles and reading the scripture of that event and the boys favorite part making our own figures to go into our yellow box! 

This review was not asked for nor was I compensated in anyway. I truly feel this is a book that should be enjoyed by many others!! If you have any great book suggestions please leave me a comment and let me know. We love reading!! 

I am so amazed and filled with joy to see my two sons open their yellow box, take a figure out and set it on the top (like Grandpa did) and tell about the event that took place in the Bible. They also love to show and tell our company all about Grandpa's Box!! 

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


  1. I am reading through this with my children. I wondered if you had a list of all the figures from the book? I would like to compile all the figures in advance and be able to pull them out as I read. Thanks.

    1. No I'm sorry I do not have a complete list. You can scan the chapters and be able to compile a list. There is mainly only one figure per chapter. Thanks!