Doodletopia: Cartoons - Book Review


An interactive doodle book from a best-selling art instruction author and cartoon master that pairs illustrating insights with drawing, designing, and coloring activities for aspiring artists.
Welcome to Doodletopia! Your first stop in this paradise of creativity? The world of cartoons. Your tour guide Christopher Hart is ready to introduce you to the interactive, artistic possibilities of creating your own exciting, hilarious, off-the-wall cartoon characters, gags, and more.

Unlike other doodle books that leave you stranded, with no help at all, Doodletopia: Cartoons pairs fun doodle-based activities with the sort of insightful (and laugh-out-loud funny) advice and tips that countless readers have come to expect from cartooning master Christopher Hart. For the first time ever, you can pick up your pencils, pens, markers, or crayons, and draw, doodle, or color right on the same page as the author.

From finishing cartoon faces to selecting costumes to completing wacky cartoon scenes, 
the opportunities for creative expression are endless. So what are you waiting for? Open up 
and start doodling!

My Review: 

My boys (ages 10 and 9) are loving this book! I probably need to purchase one more book, so they each have one. Doodletopia offers hours of fun. You can draw in the book or by looking at the book draw onto a piece of paper. There are step-by-step instructions on how to create all the cute cartoons in this book. You will be able to draw, design and color your own creations! 

I recommend this book to children and adults of any age. My sons haven't put the book down since it arrived on our front porch. 



Our first day Back to Homeschool....

Today was our first day Back To Homeschool. This is our 5th year homeschooling... Aidan is now in Middle School (6th Grade) and Noah is in 4th grade. 

We started school at 9am with our Bible Journal and scripture studies. After eating breakfast we continued with our Morning Time Basket. Learning about the virtue, Self-Control, and working on Poetry memorization. 

After our Morning Time Basket we enjoyed a little break before the boys started working on their core subjects. I'm so proud of how they jump in and get their independent work finished while I'm helping the other one. It sure does make our day go smoother.  

After lunch we worked on Science (learning about the Printing Press and Gutenberg) and we completed History together (studying The Oregon Trail). The boys enjoyed watching numerous videos on youtube about each subject we had studied.  

We finished school around 1pm and now it's time to enjoy this beautiful day! Happy Schooling! 

When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul.. ~Proverbs 2:10

Back To Homeschool Photo Shoot

With school starting soon my husband and I took the boys out for a mini back to homeschool photo shoot. It's so hard to believe that this year will be our 5th year homeschooling! We now have a 4th and 6th grader! 


Come With Me - Book Review


Proverbs 31 Author Calls Women to a Revolutionary Faith
What if there was a real-life invitation to a lifetime of unexpected destinations and adventure? What if your faith was the key?

In her warm, conversational way, Proverbs 31 author Suzie Eller shows how your faith is just that. How when you take a step away from the uncertainty, the to-do list, the busy life, the worries and excuses, you take a step toward the One who promises to delight and surprise. Who brings you deeper than you ever thought possible.

Two thousand years ago, 12 men answered the call to follow a man they hardly knew--and they were changed in ways they never imagined. Today that same invitation echoes across history, beckoning you to an adventure that will spill into every aspect of your faith and life.Come with Me. Will you say yes?

This book is AMAZING! I have read.. and re-read it... and I'm sure I will be reading it again soon! This is a life changing book. A must read for women everywhere!! This book will move you from a comfortable faith... to a GET UP AND SHOUT FOR JESUS FAITH! Come with Me is inspiring and motivating... you don't want to miss the opportunity to read this book and feel God's power. 

Becoming a Woman of Excellence ~ Book Review


Society beckons us to succeed—to achieve excellence in our appearance, our earning power, our family life. God Himself also beckons us to be women of excellence. But what exactly is He asking? If you’re hungry for God’s perspective on success in a society that bombards you with conflicting demands, feed on the truths of God’s Word that you’ll discover in these pages. You will not only learn to “approve the things that are excellent” but will also experience the joy of becoming God’s woman of excellence. This bestselling topical Bible study has helped over one million women over the past 30 years, and is newly revised and updated so today’s women can discover who God designed them to be in this day and age. Written by Navigator author and Bible teacher Cynthia Heald, the 11 sessions in this Bible study explore what your identity in Christ is and how you can best serve Him.

My Review:

This is a wonderful Bible study. I love the layout of the book and how the author truly dug deep into the scriptures. Each chapter is a little different.. there are lots of scriptures, questions and there is a guide for Bible study leaders at the back of the book. 

The author takes you on a journey through God's word to teach us what it means to be a woman of excellence. She helps you to see you don't have to change who you are in Christ... we just improve on our greatness we already have. 

I highly recommend this book to any woman looking for a way to see her true self through the eyes of the Lord. This would also be a great gift book.  

Long May She Wave - Review


From one of the world's leading graphic designers comes a stunning tribute to America's most enduring icon-the Stars and Stripes.The Revolutionary Congress resolved in 1777 that "the flag of the United States be 13 stripes, alternate red and white, that the Union be 13 white stars in a blue field representing a new constellation." Since that time, the American flag has been raised high in wartime triumph and peacetime celebration; burned in fervent protest; sewn lovingly onto quilts, caps, pillows, and bags; appropriated by the commercial sphere to sell goods as varied as cigars, and designer clothing, and rock-and-roll albums; and faithfully honored every 4th of July to celebrate America's independence. This collection of more than 3,000 Stars and Stripes artifacts ranges from Civil War-era banners and Native American braided moccasins to an early 20th-century "friendship" kimono and original flag art by several of the world's leading designers. In its deluxe format with over 500 illustrations, LONG MAY SHE WAVE gives wide berth to the flag in all its manifestations, and the result is a stunning visual history of America'¬?s most treasured symbol.Full-color throughout, with over 500 illustrations in a deluxe 11 x 14-inch volume-LONG MAY SHE WAVE is the perfect gift for folk-art appreciators, history buffs, and collectors.Features the 3,000-piece exhibit that was displayed at the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the San Jose Museum of Art in 2000. From toy soldiers to collectable spoons, cigar blankets to historic flags—the breadth of the collection is unrivaled.For a list of appearances by this author, check out our Calendar of Events. ~amazon

My Review: 

This is an awesome collection of postcards themed to America. My two sons (ages 10 and 9) had a great time looking through them and reading the descriptions to learn more. These 100 postcards is one of the largest collection of American flag art in the world!

There is nothing I didn't love about this collection. This would be a great gift for parents, grandparents, children... anyone... this truly is a vintage theme collection for any lover of America. 


The Coaster at Goats on the Roof

Our family was given the opportunity to visit The Coaster at Goats on the Roof in Pigeon Forge, TN. If you are looking for a fun family adventure than this is the place for you! The Coaster at Goats on the Roof takes you through the hills of Tennessee at speeds just under 30 mph. You can ride alone (must be 56" tall) or with someone (must be 16 years old to drive another person). The track is 4,375 feet and it has amazing views!! You can see a video of the coaster HERE

The Coaster is open daily from 9:00am until 11:00pm. You can stay up to date on the hours by visiting their facebook page. Pricing is Adults $15, Children (7-12) $12 and Small Child (3-6) $5.. tax is included. 

The coaster was AMAZING! I rode our youngest son (age 9) and my husband rode with our oldest son (age 10). Not only was the ride highly enjoyed by our children.. my husband and I were ready to ride again and again also! 

When you visit be sure to go inside their county store. It is such a sweet store full of all kinds of goodies. You can shop, eat ice cream, pet the goats, relax... and of course feed and view the goats on the roof. Everyone was friendly and welcoming while we enjoyed our visit. 

This was a wonderful attraction. It has a family atmosphere and the employees have a welcoming nature. You don't want to miss Goats on the Roof... we will be visiting again and again! 

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