Peter Rabbit Literature Unit

This week Noah (age 7) enjoyed reading and learning about The Tale Of Peter Rabbit! We have read this little book aloud for a few years now but with Noah getting older he wanted to read it for himself! He also read  We Both Read: The Tale Of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit was written by Beatrix Potter, a wonderful author of animal stories that have been loved for many years! Peter Rabbit is a story about the consequences of misbehaving. This was a wonderful book to read along with our virtue study this month of Obedience!

Along with reading these two sweet books, Noah also completed a celery science project. Adding orange food coloring to water and placing celery stalks into the colored water. Leave over night. A simple project that taught so much! 

"When you water the soil of your plants.. how does the water travel from the soil into the plant and out to the leaves?"

Noah learned that the tiny tubes (xylem) draw in the water up from the roots like a straw. It works by a capillary action. The water molecules suck up inside the tiny tubes and move up and out onto the leaves. 

For an added treat we made ants on a log (and a few logs without ants...for those who did not like raisins, lol!). Noah and his brother Aidan also loved watching The World Of Peter Rabbit and Friends on youtube (video posted below) and Noah LOVED the Peter Rabbit cartoon we found on cable. 

This was a fun unit that made Noah happy! Peter Rabbit and friends taught us many valuable lessons as we journeyed into Mr. McGregor's garden..... 

Let There Be Light - Book Review

“In the very beginning, God’s love bubbled over when there was nothing else—no trees, no birds, no animals, no sky, no sea—only darkness.”

Let There Be Light, written by: Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a beautifully detailed children's boardbook. This book brings the story of the creation to life for readers young and old! Let there be light tells the story of the creation, what was created in seven days and each page is beautifully illustrated to truly draw the reader into what is being read/taught. 

Both of my boys (ages 8 & 7) enjoyed reading this book on their own. I also enjoyed reading it myself. The words.. along with the illustrations are beyond just a normal picture book. "And God scattered stars across the sky like diamonds." 

This book not only expresses God's amazing power but also his tender love for each animal, person, star...... It truly made us feel like we were part of the creation!