3rd Grade Reading List

Here is our 3rd Grader (Noah's) Reading List for 2015 - 2016. He chooses books to read independently from this list, along with books from our local library. 

  1. Judy Moody & Stink, The Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt - Megan McDonald
  2. Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk - Megan McDonald
  3. The Wind in the Willows (Classic Starts) - Kenneth Grahame
  4. Christopher Columbus - Stephen Krensky
  5. The Bravest Dog Ever, The True Story Of Balto - Natalie Standiford
  6. Made By God, Our Feathered Friends 
  7. Davy Crockett, A Life on the Frontier - Stephen Krensky
  8. Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express - Eleanor Coerr
  9. Red, White and Blue.. The Story of the American Flag - John Herman
  10. The Trail of Tears - Joseph Bruchac
  11. The Long Way to a New Land - Joan Sandin
  12. The Long Way Westward - Joan Sandin
  13. Boxcar Children, Schoolhouse Mystery - Gertrude Chandler Warner
  14. Mike's Mystery (The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels) - Gertrude Chandler Warner
  15. Tree House Mystery (The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels) - Gertrude Chandler Warner
  16. Big Nate, Out Loud - Lincoln Peirce
  17. Freckle Juice - Sonia O. Lisker
  18. Flat Stanley, The Australian Boomerang Bonanza - Jeff Brown
  19. Kung Fu Pigs, Hostages of the Jade Wolf - Keith Brumpton
  20. Minions, Long Live King Bob! - Lucy Rosen
  21. The Littlest Leaguer - Syd Hoff
  22. A Thief at the National Zoo - Ron Roy
  23. Buffalo Before Breakfast (Magic Tree House) - Mary Pope Osborne
  24. Civil War On Sunday (Magic Tree House) - Mary Pope Osborne
  25. Midnight on the Moon (Magic Tree House) - Mary Pope Osborne
  26. Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House) - Mary Pope Osborne
  27. Mummies in the Morning (Magic Tree House) - Mary Pope Osborne

5th Grade Reading List

As mentioned in an earlier post about our curriculum, for reading, Aidan (my 5th Grader), will be choosing books to read independently this year. Here is a list that we created for him to choose from during the school year.  

  1. Dragons Of The Deep - Carl Wieland
  2. Buffalo Bill (Childhood of Famous Americans) - Augusta Stevenson
  3. Tornado - Betsy Byars
  4. Homer Price - Robert McCloskey
  5. Surprise At Yorktown (Imagination Station) - Marianne Hering
  6. Tales from Dust River Gulch - Tim Davis
  7. The Scripture Sleuth 2 - Mat Halverson
  8. Who Was George Washington? - Roberta Edwards 
  9. Ribsy - Beverly Clearly 
  10. The Golden Age Of Pirates - Bob Temple
  11. Life as a Samurai - Matt Doeden
  12. The Wild West - Allison Lassieur 
  13. Behind Enemy Lines, Under Fire in the Middle East - Bill Doyle
  14. The Roar of the Crowd, Winning Season - Rich Wallace
  15. Jurassic World - David Lewman
  16. Sounder - William H. Armstrong
  17. The Legend Of Bass Reeves - Gary Paulsen
  18. Patriots, Redcoats & Spies - Robert J. Skead
  19. Submarines, Secrets & A Daring Rescue - Robert J. Skead 
  20. I Survived, The Battle Of Gettysburg 1863 - Lauren Tarshis

~ Aidan also chooses books from the library to read during the year. We developed this list due to his love for historical fiction and we added a few more books to broaden his horizons!