Sunday Suppers - Book Review

Rediscover the art of cooking and eating communally with a beautiful, simple collection of meals for friends and family.

I was given the opportunity to review the book, Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings, written by: Karen Mordechai. This hardback book celebrates the magic of gathering, bringing together family and friends to connect over the art of cooking and sharing meals. Karen has created a book with easy, creative recipes along with beautiful photographs through out the book. This collection of gatherings is guaranteed to inspire a sense of adventure for both the novice and experienced cook. 

I was excited to review this book. Our family has always been big on Sunday Suppers. Every Sunday as far back as I can remember my Grandmother would have Sunday Supper ready after we all came back from church. This is a tradition I hope to continue with my family for years to come!   

Sunday Suppers is a wonderful cookbook that would enjoyed by many. Karen does a great job at collecting recipes that most have not seen before.. but yet they are easy and tasty enough to be tried and enjoyed. The book is broken down into 4 main topics - Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Evening with 18 subtopics. She begins with Mornings - In Bed and finishes with Evening - Late Summer! Below are a few photographs from this beautiful book! 

The Beauty Of Believing - Book Review

I reviewed the book, The Beauty Of Believing - 365 Devotions that will change your life, in the Faithgirlz! series. I actually reviewed this book for my niece (age 8 1/2). I thought this would be a great book for her to experience daily. The Beauty Of Believing is made up of daily devotionals taken from misc. books. With authors such as: Kristi Holl, Nancy Rue, Tasha Douglas and many more. 

Each daily devotional begins with a scripture at the top of the page and then a story to explain the topic more clearly. There is also a "More To Explore" (more Bible scriptures to read along with the topic), "Girl Talk" (an application section asking questions such as.. Can you think of a time when...?), and "God Talk" (a prayer idea to help you pray to our Heavenly Father about the topic of the day). 

This book was a wonderful additional to my niece Alaina's bookshelf. Each day includes a different topic, such as - loneliness, your relationship with God, relationship with others and much more. I believe this book will be help to encourage her as she proceeds through her daily life. Questions can be answered through the scriptures, God's Holy word, and it can help her to see that there are other girls having the same experiences.